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Angels in the Kitchen

After the kids went to bed last night, I sat at my kitchen table and took a deep breath.  I started thinking about something my mom told me a couple of months ago. I was in class and she was feeding the kids.  She had my Dragon on film staring and talking with someone in… Continue reading Angels in the Kitchen

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PB&J and the Meaning of Life

For whatever reason, I hate making PB&J, but my kids love them.  I hate the way everything gets all sticky and crumbly (I have a lot of weird quirks like this.  You'll see.), so I have a system.  Yes.  A system. Pull out enough paper towels to cover the width of the table.  I won't… Continue reading PB&J and the Meaning of Life

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Bad People

I have come to the realization  that most people assume that a person leaves a marriage/relationship because they've found someone else or been cheated upon by their partner.  That assumption has been one of my larger struggles  with my divorce.  No.  Neither of us cheated.  Neither of us found someone else.  We just... weren't working.… Continue reading Bad People


Being the Leaver

You know what I've noticed?  There are a lot of self-help quotes for people who have been left.  There are a lot of supportive words for people who didn't want the divorce, but were forced to do it anyway.  There are a lot of resources and means of coping passed around circles of friends and… Continue reading Being the Leaver


The Bathroom at Work Part 1

(This will be an ongoing series since I constantly have bathroom catastrophes.) Sigh. I am never using the bathroom at work again. So, every morning I drop my stuff off at my desk and go use the restroom because it's a 40 minute drive and I have a baby hugging my bladder. I always use… Continue reading The Bathroom at Work Part 1