The Way Life Looks

I would be a liar if I said life was easy right now. It's been a while since I last posted or gave any sort of update, so perhaps I should start there.  Please note that I am going to do this in the only way I know how, sparing likely crucial details because I… Continue reading The Way Life Looks

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An Elephant Through a Rabbit Hole 

Sigh. When I became a parent I had no misconceptions about how difficult it would be; how it would change my life, and how it would impact my marriage. We just had our second child. My son is now 2.5 years old and my daughter is 8 weeks old. In the first three weeks my… Continue reading An Elephant Through a Rabbit Hole 


The Bathroom at Work Part 1

(This will be an ongoing series since I constantly have bathroom catastrophes.) Sigh. I am never using the bathroom at work again. So, every morning I drop my stuff off at my desk and go use the restroom because it's a 40 minute drive and I have a baby hugging my bladder. I always use… Continue reading The Bathroom at Work Part 1


Toilets are for Prudes

I am not a sexual deviant by any means. (I realize that is an awkward way to start a post, but go with me on this one.) I am relatively tame (see also: prude) and frankly, I don’t particularly care to discuss sexual exploits of any kind in general. However. It has come to my… Continue reading Toilets are for Prudes



I found this.  Makes for the perfect first post. Please note that this was almost two years ago now. A lot has changed since then.                 Yes, I am pregnant. Look out world, I am spawning! Everything seems to be going fine and dandy thus far. Baby J has a good heart beat and such.… Continue reading Bloodbath