Failure · Family

Strength in Leaving

As promised, a handy-dandy quote of encouragement for the leaver.  I’ll leave it here somehwere so you can copy and share.  I’d ask that you leave the tag, obviously.

ANYway. Today, I am doing better.  Sometimes I have to talk things out with people who know me, who knew us as a couple, and I am reminded why I left.  I used to think I was strong for staying as long as I did.  I used to think that somehow, putting up with the rage and outbursts, walking on eggshells and begging for peace was strength.  Maybe in a way it was.  Mostly, I think it was what made me strong.

I am going to make this one short.  I’ve attached the quote in the blog so please feel free to share with my handle on it.  That goes to all my things, twitter, snapchat, instagram aaaaand tumblr.  Yea. I have a problem. Sometimes-there-is-more

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